About AMMO Consulting

Welcome to AMMO Consulting | Achieve More.  Make Opportunities.

The company founded over 5 years ago in Columbia, Maryland.  Due to previous successes, president Laura and her team were presented an opportunity to expand into new horizons in the Philadelphia market where they overcame challenges and rose to the top of their business game making them one of the leaders in outsourced sales and marketing for their energy client.

We are currently expanding into new markets and offering growth opportunities for our clients, customers, and team.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Expansion
  • Training & Development
  • Expansion & Growth
Our Mission:  Elevating leaders towards their maximum potential while facilitating the growth of a thriving organization.


There are 100 reasons to work with AMMO Consulting.  Not only are we one of the fastest growing firms working with a Fortune 100 client.  We are looking towards the future and going green.  We are looking out for our firm and our future by generating revenue in a up and coming industry.


what we do


Wind energy that is Eco friendly to provide stability for future generations


Piece of mind for customers who want more consistency in their energy rates.


An excellent relationship with a personable representative that leaves a lasting impression on the customer and the environment!

AMMO Consulting

  • Team work
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Satisfaction
  • Dependability
  • Results
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Reliable


  • Laura

    Life long dancer and captain of her college team CEO & President

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    Graduating from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a degree in Psychology and minor in Women Studies, Laura initially had intentions of becoming a psychologist.  Throughout her experiences with classes and internships she found herself not feeling a passion in this industry like she thought she would. When looking for employment, she wanted to find an entry level position that offered training and career growth. Getting her foot in the door at a firm in Timonium, MD she found a company culture that was positive and the advancement endless as long as a person applied themselves. A year and a half later she was running a company of her own and has been for the last 5 years. She has won a number of awards such a “Most Valuable Manager” , “Campaign Pacesetter” , “Most Improved Manager”, due to such a high increase in numbers, and was named a “Rising Star” in her industry, early on.  She plans to aid in the opening of 4 new locations in the next year and will always look for continuing growth for ourselves and future generations.

  • Natalie

    Traveling band member Assistant Manager

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    After graduating from Temple University with a degree in Film and Media studies, Natalie threw herself into a film career.  She had an appetite for success and fully intended on pursuing her dreams of becoming a set designer.  She worked on such sets as American Idol, A&E Hoarders, and Showtimes a Season with Notre Dame.  “Although I thrived in the environment of my coworkers and learned so many skills I still find useful today, I ultimately found that I wanted to grow faster than my reality would allow.”  She made the decision to interview at a few marketing firms, given her background with face to face interaction, and fell in love with the culture and opportunity provided at AMMO Consulting.  Since starting shes been able to fully express and apply her potential, and more importantly she’s been compensated accordingly.


Our management team is always setting the pace.  With an open door policy, they oversee the team with constant feedback, brainstorming sessions, and one on one coaching.  Leading from the front helps provide growth for the team and our clients.


Each new employee is given a coach who mentors them through the development program.  These senior team members help in on-boarding, training, and development.

  • Brock

    Lacrosse expert Senior Team Lead

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    After graduating from Centenary University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Psychology and playing four years of lacrosse, Brock was eager to get started with his career. After a year and a half, he found himself stagnant and knew there was much more growth than what he was being offered.  After going on interviews at different companies, he immediately felt at home while interviewing at AMMO Consulting due to the family like environment. Since working at AMMO Consulting, he has grown significantly as an individual and can’t picture himself working anywhere else.  And we are glad to hear that, because he makes an excellent addition to the team!

  • Emily

    Black belt in Tang Soo Do Account Executive

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    Having graduated from Bloomsburg University in May of 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Emily was determined to obtain a position that would enable her to grow as an individual as well as in her career.  She had previously worked at Rita’s Water Ice, but decided it was time for a change when she had reached a point where there was no more growth.  When she came to AMMO Consulting, she quickly found out that the fast paced environment and management training program was perfect for her.  “I couldn’t ask for more from AMMO Consulting, because they have given me the opportunity to get to my goals and beyond.”

  • Nolan

    Still uses a blackberry Account Executive

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    After graduating from Goldey-Beacom College in 2015 with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, Nolan was ready to pursue a career in music and entertainment.  Music, arts and entertainment are his first passions, however, he has always wanted to grow in any industry, as well as in my everyday life.  “I had numerous interviews until I came across the opportunity I was looking for with AMMO Consulting.  They provided a positive environment and growth, driven by opportunity.”


Our team at AMMO Consulting is the reason for the growth and success of the firm.  It is their dedication, hard work, and commitment to the goal that helps us expand into new markets around the country.  Our team is diverse, well educated, and unique, which helps us understand every client, customer, and new member.



1055 E Baltimore Pike #200
Media, PA 19063


Achieve More

Achieve your goals with AMMO Consulting.  We not only professionally develop our team at AMMO Consulting, but we work on personal goals as well.  We do this by getting to know our team, what is important to them, and learning their WHY!

What is your WHY?

Ammo Consulting, Inc . is actively seeking entry level business professionals to join our business development team. We consider ourselves to be an up and coming leader in the marketing and sales industries: therefore, we are looking for up and coming talent to match our drive. Candidates must be competitive minded, high energy, and thrive in a fast paced environment.

Recent expansion has allowed AMMO Consulting to accept applications for our competitive management trainee program. All positions start entry level, and qualified candidates will have the opportunity to grow into management and executive roles within our company.  All candidates are cross trained in areas of team management, leadership training, marketing, sales, customer service, and promotional events. Experience gained through AMMO Consulting is unparalleled due to our unique management training program.



  • Meeting or exceeding weekly standards
  • Build and manage relationships with potential customers and clients
  • Work strategically with the marketing team in a capacity of business development and lead generation
  • Manage and oversee a campaign and team of representatives


  • 4 year degree preferred
  • 1-2 years of experience in related fields
  • Ability to develop strong business relationships with others
  • Ability to foster positive company brand image
  • Leadership and team management ability
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal)

Making Opportunities

AMMO Consulting is providing opportunity to our team due to excessive growth of the firm.  When we grow, we all grow.  The team is developed into larger roles within the firm upon expansion.